Somewhereness coming on January 30, 2023

Voodoo Queen & ip

In the past month or so I have released two Ep's. Voodoo Queen and ip. Both are part of the lockdown trilogy and are available on all fine digital outlets. Here is the link to my bandcamp page if that is your preference. Continue to stay safe and healthy. - Manipulant


The last two weeks since the release of What Good are the Stars? have been incredible. The support from shows like New Music Saturday, radioCoolio, Chunky's Choice Cuts, In the Moog, Radio Wigwam, Altered State & more has been nothing short of amazing. Thank you sooo much for doing what you do!

What Good are the Stars? 

With What Good are the Stars? set to release on July 6th, the promo machine is in high gear. We have already landed a coveted slot on Radio Wigwam's July rotation and are expecting several reviews to start hitting.  Massive thanks to Jenn Doll, Submarine Broadcasting Company, and New Music Saturday for the world premiere!

Jerry's Records 

It's August 1st so that means that Jerry Weber of the world famous Jerry's Records in Pittsburgh is officially retired. If you never got the chance to see Jerry sitting on his stool behind piles of vinyl overseeing his "children" (his million plus records) you have missed out on one of the truly great sights. There is a photo in my twitter feed if you want to experience it secondhand.  

Eclectro is Released 

At the time of this post, Eclectro has already been released in Japan and is just one hour from its UK release.  That means it's just a few hours until 12:01am EST and the release here on the east coast.   If you were able to tune in to The Altered State on Sunday, you have already heard it.  Otherwise you can head over to bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify. et al.  

I hope you enjoy it. I put many months into it and I'm very proud of the result.

Cool to be in Dr. Terenzi's wiki 

Cool to be mentioned with these greats...

"She has collaborated with the likes of Thomas Dolby,[44][45] Timothy Leary,[46] Herbie Hancock, and Ornette Coleman, and in June, 2017, Dr. Terenzi joined electronic artist Manipulant (David Speakman) on his new album release entitled "Eclectro". The song "Doctor, I Need Your Expertise", combines Dr. Terenzi's voice describing the sounds of space against swirling keyboards and a driving beat, creating a hypnotic journey through the solar system. [48]"

Final stretch 

So here we sit, a week and a day from the world premier on The Lion 90.7 FM State College and everything is falling into place.  The signed CD's from Dr. Terenzi are safely tucked in the back of a UPS semi and on the way from California. When they arrive I will distribute them to all who have purchased the pre-order (there are still a couple signed copies left at the time of this post) and continue on with all my preparations.

Then comes the BIG day.  New release Tuesday, June 20th. That is when tiny baby…

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Sometimes things aren't under your control... 

Working as a solo artist one learns to do everything on their own.  It's sort of like being an only child. Things get done exactly as I want them done, when I want them done.  The creative process is entirely mine.  When I'm forced to rely on others to do certain things or must adhere to regulations I become a brat.  

I submitted Eclectro to CDBaby a few days ago so it could be placed in iTunes & Amazon, etc... I had to follow all of their forms and templates and rules. I truly hate this part of the…

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Manchester and Run 

In the hours following the bombing in Manchester, I am reminded why I wrote Run.  Run is not a song I wanted to write. It came from confusion and despair.  It came from what I was seeing in the eyes of people everywhere. It wasn't a planned protest song, it was an observation.  Observing things and portraying them is what art is about.  Run is my art.  

In Manchester, things hit close to home.  Not because of my physical location - I live in the U.S.- but because it happened at a musical performance. A…

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