Sometimes things aren't under your control...

Working as a solo artist one learns to do everything on their own.  It's sort of like being an only child. Things get done exactly as I want them done, when I want them done.  The creative process is entirely mine.  When I'm forced to rely on others to do certain things or must adhere to regulations I become a brat.  

I submitted Eclectro to CDBaby a few days ago so it could be placed in iTunes & Amazon, etc... I had to follow all of their forms and templates and rules. I truly hate this part of the process.  One of the silly rules is they will not place a guest artists name in the song title.  This caused me great frustration and anxiety as I have two songs with Dr. Terenzi's name in them.  "Dr. Terenzi, I Need Your Expertise" which is now "Doctor, I need Your Expertise" and Dr. Terenzi Meets the 808" Which is now "The Doctor Meets 808".

This may not appear to be a big deal to you but no artist likes to be edited.  That and I was counting on Dr. Terenzi's cache. I could have easily gotten over both of those things if I hadn't ordered the Cd's with the original titles on them prior to finding out about the name change.  

Oh well, I guess I have a box full of "collector edition" Cd's with incorrect titles now.