Final stretch

So here we sit, a week and a day from the world premier on The Lion 90.7 FM State College and everything is falling into place.  The signed CD's from Dr. Terenzi are safely tucked in the back of a UPS semi and on the way from California. When they arrive I will distribute them to all who have purchased the pre-order (there are still a couple signed copies left at the time of this post) and continue on with all my preparations.

Then comes the BIG day.  New release Tuesday, June 20th. That is when tiny baby Eclectro is set free to the world for people to love, hate or ignore.  I am a little nervous about this though I fully understand that not all music is for everyone. Nothing would be better than to have everyone who comes in contact with her fall madly in love and have a long meaningful relationship with her...but this is not how things work. 

Largely, she will be ignored.  Some nice people will have nice things to say about her, some will even genuinely like her.  There will even be those of you that fall in love.  Others will say they hate her for different reasons. Maybe because she's not with the "In" crowd or she sounds different than the others or she's just not their cup of tea.  All of this is o.k.

My only hope is that I have prepared her well enough to have a fighting chance.

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