Manchester and Run

In the hours following the bombing in Manchester, I am reminded why I wrote Run.  Run is not a song I wanted to write. It came from confusion and despair.  It came from what I was seeing in the eyes of people everywhere. It wasn't a planned protest song, it was an observation.  Observing things and portraying them is what art is about.  Run is my art.  

In Manchester, things hit close to home.  Not because of my physical location - I live in the U.S.- but because it happened at a musical performance. A place where people were going to escape and enjoy.  Stoneygate, the guest vocal on Run. is from England.  We happened to be messaging each other when we heard the news. We both sort disengaged and I began to search for details - I'm guessing she did the same. Both of us perhaps wishing violence wasn't part our landscape.

Run isn't going to change anyone's views - it wasn't meant to -  but I, along with many others. will continue to portray our observations. No amount of bombs are going to take this from us.  Writers will write and singers will sing and the people read and listen to escape and to enjoy.  It cannot be stopped.  WE cannot be stopped.

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