09/17/19 Hey DJ! - It's the remixes out now on Girly Girl Musik

08/31/19 New Single "Every Time" on Pink Dolphin Music - Coming Soon!

05/07/19 New single "Dirigo" on Submarine Broadcasting Co. 5/23

03/16/19 S&S review on Keepsmealive

12/30/18 Sundries & Souvenir release date 02/14/19

11/03/18 The Stoneygate Beanbag Mix of What Good are the Stars? on BBC!

08/03/18 The Stars are Good... What? release Proceeds to Make the World Better

07/06/18 What Good are the Stars? release

04/08/18 SandS on benefit compilation for Shaw Mind Foundation

03/26/18 'perspective' is now available!!!

03/05/18 Review of the new 'perspective' ep

02/17/18 Submarine Broadcasting Company will be releasing my new EP 'perspective'  03/26/18